Perfect Ring for Your Mr. Perfect

custom made ring

So, is the big day around the corner now? You must be excited and why shouldn’t you be. Do what you love, eat what you like and go places you haven’t been to before. But, even if you are done with most of what you were supposed to for your special day, there is still one very important task to complete, buying the best ring for your man. While, this time must be stressful for you and a lot of research needs to be done to get the best stuff for your new life, let us make this task easier for you by trotting out a few points that must be taken care of before you start looking for platinum wedding bands men could simply not get enough of. 

Define your budget 

Be very careful when it comes to buying ash-blonde wedding rings males actually like. You might get tempted by shinning metal and beautiful designs that don’t get along with the strength of your pocket. Instead of getting a loan or having the ring leased over a period of time might not be a wise decision as it might put pressure on you in the future and you wouldn’t want to burden yourself with a financial pressure especially when you are getting married.  


Classics have no match, they are simple and straight. But, personalities vary from person to person which is why you should be careful of the ring you decide to buy for your groom. A style that you might like stands a possibility of not being the other person’s first choice. So, it is highly recommended to consider the kind of personality the other person has, old fashioned or modern or any other type, before purchasing a band for him.  


This entirely depends on the two of you. If you want your groom to wear a wedding band similar to what you are wearing then make sure he knows that, however, if this is not a priority then of course you can choose from a variety of options.  

Shop Together 

Okay, so you will be spending the rest of your lives together and this ring that you want to purchase for your better half is going to be on his hand for all his life, so why not pay attention to it and buy it together. Why it should be only one person’s choice, why not go together and mutually agree on a band is loved by both of you and compliment the affection you have for each other.   

Visit Different Shops 

Don’t, simply don’t buy the first ring you see at the first shop you visit. Make sure you have set some time aside for this task that seems easy and quick to complete but is much worthy of research and effort in reality. Visit as many shops as you like to find the perfect band for your Mr. Perfect. Make sure you don’t make this decision in any sort of haste, take your time and choose the best.  

Lasting Ring 

Don’t be something that’s too fancy and might not last for more than a few months, instead, but something that is of strong quality and will last for a considerable period of time. It is a costly purchase and calls for a lot of thought to be put into before putting finger on one out of many.  

Lifestyle is one of the most important aspects that are mostly overlooked. This definitely is your day and you need to make it special for you and your partner, but you also need to focus on giving them something that they can easily wear. Before you buy a ring for your partner, consider what they do, they kind of business they are in and does it involve a lot of hand movement (lifting etc.) because if it does then wearing a ring might destroy it in some way. Even taking the ring off every time he needs to work might not be a good idea and could make him uneasy wearing it. So, consider the lifestyle he has and then opt for the one that suits him the best. Make sure you don’t overlook any of these points when you decide to buy a new band for your partner in marriage. Have a nice time shopping!