Is abdominoplasty included in a mummy makeover?


Even though each individual should be confident in his personality and body but there are some standards which have been set by our society that fits in the definition of a perfect body. Moreover, it is not just the society but sometimes an individual himself wants to attain a perfect body which is neither too thin nor too fatty. Excessive fats can also become the reason of causing various diseases. This is the reason that people take their body weight quite seriously and adopts different diets to lose excessive body fats. There are three ways of loosing unwanted fats; firstly by following certain diets, secondly by exercising regularly and when both of these options do not work then opting for a plastic surgery in Canberra. In this article, we will be discussing about one such branch of plastic surgery which is known as abdominoplasty. Moreover, we will also be discussing that whether abdominoplasty is included in a mummy makeover. 

Plastic surgery: 

Whenever we hear the term “plastic surgery”, we instantly think about the reconstruction of our facial feature but plastic surgery is much more than merely beautifying a person. In simpler words, plastic surgery can be defined as the   reconstruction or repairing of the body parts which have been damaged by any accident or disease. Moreover, it is also the process in which the natural body parts of the person can be changed according to the will of a patient. We get to see many people especially who are related with the entertainment industry opting for a plastic surgery because they want to improve their features even more. Abdominoplasty is a type of plastic surgery about which we are going to discuss in this article. 


Abdominoplasty is the type of a plastic surgery in which the abdominal area or tummy of a person is toned by removing the excessive fats. Abdominoplasty is also known as tummy tuck as in this surgery the tummy of a person is tucked or tightened. This process is carried out by removing the excess fat from the abdominal portion of the body. Then rest of the abdominal fats are tucked or tightened and finally stitched together.  This kind of surgery is equally famous in both men and women but women are little bit more concerned about their body shape than men. Most of the people are confused that whether abdominoplasty is included in mummy makeover surgery or not. This confusion is going to be solved in this article. 

Is abdominoplasty included in a mummy makeover? 

Mummy makeover is the whole procedure of tightening the body of a new mommy. This type of surgery is provided to the women who have just delivered the baby and their body is in irregular shape. We get to see many such women who gets into depression post their delivery because they have never seen themselves in such a state and now they cannot figure out how to lose the excessive weight which they have gained during pregnancy. Plastic surgeons have found a solution to this problem by introducing the process of mummy makeover. In this process, every such part of a new mommy is tightened and excessive fat is removed which has gained or accumulated lot of fats during the period of pregnancy. This includes the thigh portion, breast area and abdominal portion. 

Hence, it will not be incorrect to say that abdominoplasty also comes under the whole process of mummy makeover as excessive fats are removed from the abdominal area of the patient, then the remaining tummy fats are tightened and stitched together. 


Abdominoplasty in Sydney is the type of a plastic surgery in which excessive fats from the abdominal portion of a human body is removed. Then remaining tummy fats are tucked or tightened and finally stitched together. It takes about six to eight weeks to completely recover after this surgery or abdominoplasty. Mummy makeover is one such procedure in which whole body of the new mommy is tightened and excessive fats are removed. Along with other skin tightening procedures, abdominoplasty is also included in this process of mummy makeover. “Panthea clinics” offers the best abdominoplasty and mummy makeover.