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Age is one of those inevitable things. You can’t run, you can’t hide and it’s going to catch up with you no matter what you do to delay the effects. Emphasis on the word delay as there are ways in which you can prolong the onset of certain issues but it is only delaying the inevitable as they say. The first signs might be rather subtle, you may not be as fit as you once used to be, your hair may start to thin out and even begin to fall and then the wrinkles on your skin set in. Don’t get us wrong, we are not trying to scare you, this is the natural course of life, this is how things have to happen. It’s best to accept it now and become okay with the idea than have a crisis when it hits you all of a sudden. After your bones begin to become just a little more brittle than you are comfortable with, perhaps you should head on over to an orthopedic doctor and get yourself checked out to ensure that you are in the best health you can be despite the fact that you are now aging. Dr David Slattery is one of those doctors who is going to be therefore you no matter what the situation. being a doctor in this specific field for years now, he had the necessary experience to deal with just about anything which is thrown at him. Arthritis and osteoporosis are commonly occurring issues at this ages and he is her to ensure that you get the best treatment which you need for the ailments which you are suffering from. He will be there with you every step of the way to ensure that you are safe and healthy. Be it your knee, pelvis or hip, you can be sure that this doctor will be able to deal with just about anything that comes his way.

The hip joint is one of the most important, if not the most important joint in our body. Unfortunately, its also one of the most common joints to give trouble as the individual progresses in age over the years. You often hear about hip surgery/ hip replacement because it’s one of the most affected areas by osteoporosis and can become extremely brittle.  You need not worry, Dr Slattery’s area of specialty is in fact joints. This can be the pelvis, knee and he is most commonly known as one of the best hip surgeonin the city. You can be sure that the doctor will take every measure in order to ensure your health and safety throughout the treatment and aid you if not rid you of whatever ailment you are suffering with at the time.

Unlike a lot of doctors today, David Slattery always tries to use surgery as a final option for treatment. He tries to take help of medicines and physiotherapy in his treatment and if those options don’t work, only then does he go ahead and opt to go in for a surgery.

Most hips surgeons simply schedule surgery for the earliest so that they can get to the bottom of things and get the patients out of the way. This isn’t the case with this doctor, he takes his time with the patient and understands how big a surgery may be for the patients and the effects it may have on the family and loved ones of the individual

Other than that as mentioned earlier, the doctor is also capable of dealing with other joint related issues which you may have. Whether it’s your knee or your pelvis, you can go on over to the doctor and you can be sure that he will treat you to the best of his ability in order to sort out whatever issues you are having with your bones and joints. It’s his area of specialty so why would you be apprehensive?!

We hope that you never really have to go on over to this doctor, but if worst comes to worst, at least you know that there is someone out there who is capable of helping you whenever the time comes.