Considerations for Choosing Security Screen Doors 

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Different Security Screen Doors 

In the present era of technology, the need to be safe and secure has been effectively measured through different high-tech gadgets such as CCTV cameras and alarms systems. However, some simple things are also playing a great role in providing the people with the right amount of security. One example of such things is the Screen Door that is being used in nearly all types of buildings, be it home, office or a warehouse. Screen doors provide you the protection that you need in the building, without making a negative impact on the appearance of the building. There is a variety of materials, from which, you can choose the one that suits your needs. These materials offer different qualities, while they all fulfil the basic purpose of a screen door. For example, steel screen doors are preferred for their unmatched strength while aluminium screen doors are preferred for the durability and ease in maintenance. The selection of the material depends on your application and you can get accurate guidance from an expert. However, there are some things that you should keep in mind when looking for a security screen door. Take note of these points so that you make the right purchase.  

Meets Standards 

This is the first consideration that you have to keep in mind and check first when you’re visiting a screen door supplier. The screen door should be able to match your country’s strength standards. Protection against robbery or burglary is the primary objective of a screen door so check whether the door matches the standards set for resistance against forced entry. This standard is determined through a number of tests that prove that the door is secure against any kind of intrusion.  

The right frame 

You can get a range of options in the frames of the screen doors, but the common choices resonate around aluminium and steel. Aluminium screen door is usually preferred for its low maintenance and high durability. It is especially preferred in coastal areas as it is highly resistant against corrosion. On the other hand, steel screen door is preferred for its high strength and sleek secure look that it adds to the building. It is nearly impossible to break through the steel screen door so it is usually preferred for warehouses. You can get a personalised advice from your supplier, based on your needs. Talk to your supplier about the purpose for which you want the screen door for. The selection of the right frame is very important.

Emergency exists 

This is something most users tend to overlook or forget considering. Be it aluminium screen doors or steel screen door, it is going to add security to the house and make it difficult for the thief to intrude in the house. However, the door is going to act in the same way if you’re caught in an emergency and you’re trying to leave the home. The bars, grilles and the security screens do not make the door the right option in case of emergencies so you need to set another exit as emergency exit, before you install security screen door at the entrance. You can also make any window, emergency exit. The important thing is, you set an emergency exit before you install the security screen door.


As mentioned earlier, there are a number of options in screen doors and you have to choose the one that meets your needs. Aluminium screen doors are generally the ideal choice for homes where medium to high level of security is required. Aluminium screen doors are also easy to fit in the budget. If you’re not satisfied by the security aluminium frame provides, you can go for steel door or an additional stainless steel mesh, which offers unmatched security. However, this is going to cost a lot so, define your budget and your requirements and then look for the best option that overlaps both.

Expert in installation 

This is also something that you need to confirm before you go home with your new screen door. The person who is going to install the door, should be experienced in installing screen doors. This is usually done by a licensed professional and not just by anyone who can install a door. Make sure the person is authorised and experienced in installing the screen door.