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Learn All About Watch Winders 

What Are Watch Winders?

Are you a watch-enthusiast? If so, you must be aware of watch winders and how it’s an important part of your watch collection. If you aren’t familiar with a watch winder, that’s okay. This article will guide you about all that you need to know about watch winders.

Watch winders are for the unconventional automatic watches that do not have a dial that can be used to change the time. These watches neither have a dial to set time nor do they operate on battery. Instead, these watches operate through a moving weight inside them that automatically starts the watch when it is worn. This makes the watch unconventional. When the watch is worn, the weight starts swinging, which then initiates the winding mechanism, i.e. functionality of the watch. A watch winder is required to keep these watches running, even when you’re not wearing it.

A watch winder has a motor that is usually operated on a battery or Ac supply. It spins the cup so the winding mechanism in the watch keeps running and your watch is always showing the right time. This makes a watch winder a ‘must’ for all those who wear automatic watches.

Types of Watch Winders  

If you own more than 1 automatic watch and you’re wondering whether you’ll need watch winder box for every watch, the answer is no. There is a variety of options in watch winders and you can choose the best watch winder for yourself, as per your requirement. Following are the commonly used types of watch winders.

  • Single winders
  • Double winders
  • Triple winders
  • Quad winders

As the names of aforementioned types show, you can keep your watches in a single winder, saving the extra space. The type of winder you choose depends on the number of watches you wish to keep running. If you own a greater collection of watches than 4, there are winders that accommodate additional watches as well.

Advantages of Watch Winders

There are a number of reasons why many automatic-watch owners tend to get winders for their watch collection. Following are some of the main benefits of getting a quality watch winder that keeps your watch running.

  1. It keeps the watch running. This is the basic purpose and the main aim of a watch winder and it certainly is the primary advantage of using a winder. The winder keeps the watch running at all times.
  2. Extends the life of watch. This is another great reason to get the best watch winder. Keeping your expensive watch running extends its life time exponentially.
  3. Saves money in the long run. The watch winder extends the life of your watch, which saves you the cost of buying a new watch every few years. In this way, an investment in watch winder saves you a lot of money in the long run. Moreover, with a watch winder, you would also require less visit to the watch-repair shops.
  4. Maintains your luxury watch. Whether it’s your wedding gift or a luxury watch that is very close to your heart for any other reason, you do not want to replace the watch ever. A watch winder can help you with that by keeping the watch running and making it last life time. The watch winder will not only keep your watch running smoothly, but also save it from any scratch or damage.

Considerations before Buying Watch Winder 

If you’re now planning on buying a watch winder for your watch collection, take note of the following considerations that will help you find the best watch winder for yourself. Look for these things when you visit the shop for winder box.

The storage capacity 

This is the primary factor to consider. As mentioned earlier, you need to select the watch winder that matches your needs. It depends on the number of watches you own.


If you own a luxury watch, the presentation of the winder box is very important. Look for a sophisticated classy box that matches the class of your watch. Wood, leather and silk watch winders are generally preferred for valuable watches.


You will find a wide variety in the price range of winder boxes so you need to define your budget and make the purchase accordingly. Defining your budget will save you from spending ‘too much’ on your watch winder box.


Diamond Eternity Rings; The Perfect Gift For Your Partner

What do they mean?

Eternity bands are well known to couples, especially the women, for the message they carry. They have been considered as the perfect choice for anniversary gifts due to the symbol they portray. The word eternity represents the infinite love one partner holds for the other. This is why this ring is used by the husbands to express their infinite love to their wives. The reason this message is carried by this ring and no other fancy ring is because of the unique design of this ring. The precious ring has an endless loop of diamonds or other gemstones in the circle of the ring. the endless loop represents the infinite love or the eternal love. Some other designs are also available to match budgets. For example, one can go for the gemstones only on the outside surface of the ring. These rings are called hald-eternity bands.

Whatever the style of diamond eternity ring you choose, it is mostly worn on the same finger, i.e. the ring finger of the left hand. They are usually worn with the engagement ring or the wedding ring, but there’s no hard and fast rule for it. Whichever finger is used for this ring, it will definitely be adding extra spark to the wife’s hands. The never-ending circle of sparkling diamonds is hard to not notice.

Determining the quality 

Since diamond eternity rings Australia do not use the same size of diamond as the center piece in wedding rings, the criteria to check it is not the same as that. You can’t rely on the grading of the diamond when you’re selecting the stones for the eternity ring. So, in the case of eternity rings, all that matters is the cut of the diamond. The best way to be sure of the right cut is to buy from a reputed dealer that specialises in diamond eternity rings in Australia. Again, eternity rings are not the same as conventional diamond wedding rings so make sure your retailer/dealer is expert in this specific type of ring. As for your satisfaction, you can check the sparkle and the reflection of the light of the diamonds. You can also observe the color of the diamond, which should be white.

When to buy the eternity rings 

Although eternity rings are mostly used for anniversaries, or rather, milestones of anniversaries like 10th, 20th or 25th anniversary. However, as they say, there’s no wrong time to express love. The special part about this meaningful jewelry is, they are perfect for almost any occasion when you want to express your love to your partner. Be it her birthday or valentine’s day, you can use this gift to express your infinite love for her. Other than that, you can also use this special gift on special occasions like a big success or the birth of a child. Whatever the occasion you choose for this special ring, one thing is sure that it will carry the same meaningful message that you want it to convey.

Some helpful tips  

Before you go and pick the first ring you find attractive in the shelf, make sure you follow the following tips to ensure that you select the best ring for your partner.

Choosing the retailer 

This is the first and foremost important step in choosing the right ring. As mentioned before, diamond eternity rings are not the same as traditional diamond rings so make sure your retailer has experts that can cut or choose the right cut of the diamond for your ring. The characteristics of an ideal cut are different from those required from wedding rings and an expert in eternity rings would be aware of the details of it.

The material 

The material for the ring is also very important. Usually people go for the gold ring, but that doesn’t have to be your choice as well. If you prefer lighter jewelry, you can go for platinum or titanium which give a silver tone to your ring. This goes perfect with the white sparkling diamonds all over the ring.


This is something most husbands forget to consider. With so many diamonds on the ring, the general assumption is that it will be costing your 2-3 months’ salary, but in reality, it doesn’t have to. The diamonds used are small and what really matters is their size so if you’re dealing with expert, make sure you discuss your budget so you can have the eternity ring made within your budget.

Perfect Ring for Your Mr. Perfect

So, is the big day around the corner now? You must be excited and why shouldn’t you be. Do what you love, eat what you like and go places you haven’t been to before. But, even if you are done with most of what you were supposed to for your special day, there is still one very important task to complete, buying the best ring for your man. While, this time must be stressful for you and a lot of research needs to be done to get the best stuff for your new life, let us make this task easier for you by trotting out a few points that must be taken care of before you start looking for platinum wedding bands men could simply not get enough of. 

Define your budget 

Be very careful when it comes to buying ash-blonde wedding rings males actually like. You might get tempted by shinning metal and beautiful designs that don’t get along with the strength of your pocket. Instead of getting a loan or having the ring leased over a period of time might not be a wise decision as it might put pressure on you in the future and you wouldn’t want to burden yourself with a financial pressure especially when you are getting married.  


Classics have no match, they are simple and straight. But, personalities vary from person to person which is why you should be careful of the ring you decide to buy for your groom. A style that you might like stands a possibility of not being the other person’s first choice. So, it is highly recommended to consider the kind of personality the other person has, old fashioned or modern or any other type, before purchasing a band for him.  


This entirely depends on the two of you. If you want your groom to wear a wedding band similar to what you are wearing then make sure he knows that, however, if this is not a priority then of course you can choose from a variety of options.  

Shop Together 

Okay, so you will be spending the rest of your lives together and this ring that you want to purchase for your better half is going to be on his hand for all his life, so why not pay attention to it and buy it together. Why it should be only one person’s choice, why not go together and mutually agree on a band is loved by both of you and compliment the affection you have for each other.   

Visit Different Shops 

Don’t, simply don’t buy the first ring you see at the first shop you visit. Make sure you have set some time aside for this task that seems easy and quick to complete but is much worthy of research and effort in reality. Visit as many shops as you like to find the perfect band for your Mr. Perfect. Make sure you don’t make this decision in any sort of haste, take your time and choose the best.  

Lasting Ring 

Don’t be something that’s too fancy and might not last for more than a few months, instead, but something that is of strong quality and will last for a considerable period of time. It is a costly purchase and calls for a lot of thought to be put into before putting finger on one out of many.  

Lifestyle is one of the most important aspects that are mostly overlooked. This definitely is your day and you need to make it special for you and your partner, but you also need to focus on giving them something that they can easily wear. Before you buy a ring for your partner, consider what they do, they kind of business they are in and does it involve a lot of hand movement (lifting etc.) because if it does then wearing a ring might destroy it in some way. Even taking the ring off every time he needs to work might not be a good idea and could make him uneasy wearing it. So, consider the lifestyle he has and then opt for the one that suits him the best. Make sure you don’t overlook any of these points when you decide to buy a new band for your partner in marriage. Have a nice time shopping!  

Easy Fashion In The Blink Of An Eye!


It seems that no matter how far back into the depths of history we look, we can always find some record of wigs. We can find them on ancient Egyptians using them to shield themselves from the blistering sun, or on the Romans, Greeks and Assyrians. Later, we can see royals such as Marie Antoinette regarding the wig as an essential part of their get up and as a sign of elegance. However, as we venture into more modern times, we can see the popularity of the wig beginning to fall. Wigs then generally came to be seen as fit for use for only those who had lost their hair and came to be synonymous with being ‘fake’ or frail. However, pop culture has brought the wigs back into not just fashion, but high fashion. We can see wigs galore on the runways of the spring/summer 2018 fashion shows with all our favourite models sporting the wildest cuts and colours. Whether we have the more natural glam of Beyonce or the wilder, more fun wigs of David Bowie or Rihanna, the wigs have well and truly crept their way out of the closets and have made themselves not an emergency option in case of bad hair, but a fashion statement.

There is just so much about wigs that makes them so widely popular. Style trends nowadays change in the blink of an eye – one minute long hair is the chicest way to go and the other, short sleek cuts are all the rage.  Today we may see Kim Kardashian rocking a sleek straight bob, but tomorrow we can see her sister Kylie rocking a long, platinum coloured mane. No one can really go from short to long in such a short span of time, but with a few wigs we can change up our style every single day! These wigs can help us be the fashion icon we have always dreamed of, without any damage to our own hair. Constant dyeing and styling in order to keep up with trends can leave our hair brittle and dead and a wig can take that away, as we can style our wigs instead. In addition to this, wigs can really be a wonder for those of us who are short on time – now all we have to do is slip on a wig and we’re ready to go!

In addition to all of these reasons why wigs nowadays are the biggest and easiest fashion trend to follow, wigs nowadays come in a range of styles. Gone are the days of the tacky, brittle wigs which could be spotted as fake from miles away; nowadays, the wigs look better than our own natural hair! If we’re just looking for a little extra hair to cover up our own thinned out hair, we can opt for top pieces, which can offer us the most seamless concealment ever and can give us lustrous volume in a flash. Synthetic wigs can be used for those of us looking for the best hair but on a budget – these wigs can be a breeze to style and maintain, all the while looking amazingly natural. For those of us who want it as natural as it can get, we can opt for lace front wigs Australia
which are truly undetectable (if that is what we want). Wigs Sydney can really be as amazing as we want them to be and styles such as lace front wigs can be worn for weeks on end.

We can find the best wigs Sydney at Chiquel, the best choice for wigs anywhere in Australia. Their wide collection offers costume wigs alongside more natural choices as well and of course, each wig can be styled according to our own needs. Be the wig synthetic or natural, you can be sure that you’re getting only the best possible quality and that your wig will last you for ages to come. These wigs can be the fashion miracle that we’ve always dreamed of and can give us lustrous hair in the blink of an eye!

For all our wig needs, we can get in touch with the team at Chiquel and find the perfect wig for our needs from their vast collection. They offer wigs for men too, so now everyone can find the perfect wigs for their style!

The Ins And Outs Of The Right Shirt For You

Have you ever been out shopping at your local outlet or a mall abroad, and been really perplexed as to what to add to your collection of clothes or the outfit you want to fit yourself with next? It can be quite a trying time to come up something in the moment, when the pressure of budgets and time are breathing down your neck. There might not be help at hand in the form of a shop assistant or sales manager, which is when you need to be sure of your own choices and your willingness to spend a few more minutes making sure your choice is the right one. 

The long and short of it 

If you are a male or female, you will know full well that a handful of mens long sleeve shirts online are such important accessories and options to have in your Style Shirts collection. It can be used in a casual or formal manner, depending on where you are at the time. In the evening, morning or afternoon, at the ballet or just a party at a friend’s house – it will serve you well no matter what the context might be across a weekday, weeknight or even the weekend. 

Be careful 

If you spend quite a bit of money on a shirt or three, make sure that you pay special attention to the care instructions. If the garment is rich in cotton or has some or other blend within it, you are going to have to wash it differently than you would something that is or was 100 percent cotton or polyester. There might not be an opportunity to dry clean it either, and you might have to avoid drawing an iron over certain parts of it, like the front print or the logo on the back or on the sides. 


You might be drab in your choices in other parts of your life, but you should be encouraged to make bold statements with the hues and pigments of your shirts. Something bright and orange or something shocking and yellow can go a long way to making you stand out. This is not to say that you have to be so loud in your choices of shirts all the time, but every now and then it is good to stretch out of the norm by going for something like this. You won’t be sorry and if you are ever in too much doubt you can go ahead and throw on the reserve shirt you had stored close to you. 

Tailor it right 

Don’t put something on that is too big and makes you feel several kilograms bigger than you actually are. Yes, you need to be comfortable, but you also need to look good in what you have on – and others need to feel the same way, sort of. So, yes, measure yourself up or have someone else do it for you – and then get the garment that fits those specifications to the left and to the right. It’ll do you the greatest of good.